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27th January 2016

Our Guide to Indian Bread

Just like with Indian curries, there is a brilliant range available when it comes to choosing bread. Many people associate ‘Naan’ with Indian cuisine, and whilst this is a very popular choice, it isn’t the only option available to you.

As a premier Indian Restaurant in Edinburgh, we always have a brilliant selection of breads available for our customers to choose from. We believe that variety is the key – not everyone is looking for the same thing. Here is a run down of some of the Indian breads that you definitely need to try!


Paratha is a North Indian bread that is also very similar to Roti and Chapati – it’s a flatbread that is made from whole wheat flour. However, the main difference is that they are often stuffed with vegetables such as cauliflower and potatoes. They are also cooked by frying them in a pan with ghee.


We will start with Naan bread because it’s the most commonly selected bread to accompany Indian cuisine. A Naan is white floured leavened bread that is oblong shaped. It’s usually baked in a traditional clay tandoori oven, giving it a soft interior. There are usually lots of different options available, with stuffed Naan being very popular. Options include Naan stuffed with mince meat (kheema), paneer, potatoes or spices.


This unique flatbread is made using wheat flour and fenugreek leaves – the leaves are cooked with the dough. It’s often eaten as a snack rather than with a curry, as it can actually be very filling!


Chapati bread is probably the second most common bread here in the UK and is a popular bread throughout India. Typically flat unleavened bread, they are made by using finely ground whole wheat flour, water and salt. Small pieces of dough are rolled out and cooked on a skillet.


Originating from the southeast of India, Puri is a popular fried Indian bread. It’s made with dough, water and salt and deep fried using oil. After it puffs up during the frying, it is stuffed with meat or vegetables.


Roti is a popular flatbread that is made using whole meal flour, water, and salt. It’s typically rolled into a round shape and cooked at a medium heat. It’s similar to a Chapati but is often a little thicker. Traditionally, a Roti would be used instead of using utensils. You simply scoop your food up using the Roti bread!

Which is your favourite?

If you’re looking for somewhere to test out these different breads, we suggest you pop into our restaurant for a meal that you won’t forget!
We pride ourselves on serving traditional delicious Indian cuisine, but you’ll have to come in and judge for yourself!

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