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29th March 2016

Our Guide to Indian Starter Dishes

Indian Cuisine doesn’t just stop at main curry dishes and desserts; there’s also a large range of smaller starter dishes available too!

Being one of the most exquisite Indian restaurants in Edinburgh means that we have a delectable selection of starter dishes to get your taste buds tingling before your main course in true Indian style! Here’s our guide to some of the delicious food that we have on offer!


The samosa is probably the best known Indian starter dish and rightfully so! This simple dish is a type of baked pastry which is packed full of a range of savoury fillings in a distinct triangle shape. These can include minced meat, spicy potatoes, onions and peas, but more often than not, samosas that you will find in an Indian restaurant will be vegetarian and will sometimes be served (or at least recommended to be served with) a raita or chutney sauce.


Aloo is another delicious starter which is made using potatoes – the term aloo actually means “potatoes.” Each aloo starter dish will usually consist of potatoes marinated in various herbs and spices and sometimes yoghurts, and then baked to give them a delicious crispy skin on the outside.
Aloo starters are a great way to get your taste buds ready for the spices of the main event without filling you up completely!


Indian fritters are more commonly recognised as pakoras or bhaji’s and are another fried dish which is generally made from a piece of meat or mixture of vegetables, coated in a richly seasoned batter made from gram flour.
Much like the samosas, they can be served with a mint raita or chutney, and are a great example of traditional Indian finger food!
There are many different fillings that make up the range of pakoras that we serve here at Spice Lounge, so we guarantee there’s something for everyone’s tastes!


Unlike the huge kebabs that you are probably picturing in your mind, Indian kebabs which are served as a starter are generally much smaller and have a more intense, fresh taste to them.
We have a mixture of vegetable and meat kebabs, all with a variety of different herbs and spices marinated into the kebabs to give them a much deeper flavour. These kebabs will often be served with a salad and some form of dip for you to enjoy.

We guarantee you’ll never experience a taste more complex and delicious! If we’ve got your mouth watering and you’d like to come and give our delicious starters a try, don’t hesitate to pop in and see us here at Spice Lounge! We’d love to welcome you to our restaurant and treat you to an unforgettable Indian experience!

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A large selection of spices is used to create the dishes that characterise Indian cuisine and they add those strong, bold flavours that you love! If you wish to arrange a booking with us, you can do so online, and you can also contact us or call us on 0131 476 9999 and we’ll be more than happy to help with any query you might have.

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