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9th May 2016

Our Guide to The Perfect Side Dishes

As a premier Indian restaurant in Edinburgh we here at the Spice Lounge know that a meal at an Indian restaurant is a big affair; starters, curries and accompaniments crowd the table in a glorious feast that you inevitably talk about for days.
The biggest element of this feast is obviously the curry, but the accompaniments can often make or break a meal. For this reason we provide a wide variety of great side dishes that complement our main meals well, creating a full and diverse dining experience that you will leave you wanting more time and time again. So here is a selection of the most more-ish side dishes on offer for your dining experience.


Bread is one of the most common side dishes that people choose for their curry, and for good reason. The bread helps to soak up the spices and can be a great finisher to any meal, with the different flavours that naans come in, such as garlic, butter, chilli and peshwari; it can fit any main dish of your choice. For the most versatile and classic side dish this is the perfect choice.


Crunchy, slightly salty and always seemingly gone too soon: there is no doubt that poppadoms are a classic and favourite among fans of Indian cuisine. They are the perfect accompaniment to a curry and the ideal base for a delectable mouthful of curry, chutney or whatever type of dip takes your fancy. A platter of these is bound to please everyone at the table and the perfect thing to munch on as you wait for the main event.


Some people might choose to eat curry with plain rice in order to combat the spices in their curry; a simple accompaniment which can be the perfect thing to prevent overpowering of the taste buds. But others prefer a full taste experience and so opt for more flavoursome rice dishes. There is of course the classic pilau rice; cooked in a mix of saffron and brown onions this rice that adds just the right amount of extra flavour.

However, there is also mushroom fried rice we call chawel-e-mushroom and the matar pilau rice, a dish that combines pilau rice with peas for a more green colour and vegetable texture. Whatever choice of rice, we guarantee that they match perfectly with any curry for the full taste explosion.

Chutney and Other Dips

Indian cuisine is a cut above the rest in many respects, but when it comes to chutneys and dips it is the gold standard. Mango chutney is a sweet and delectable dip for any naan or popadoms to dip into, but it also can balance out the savoury with a punch of sweet to a forkful of the curry of your choice. Lime pickle, yoghurt raita, chilli dip and onion salad are also common accompaniments to a dip selection and each bring their own special flavour to the table. Whatever your preferences, there is a guaranteed dip to suit your needs.


Okay, okay, so this isn’t a traditional accompaniment to a typical Indian curry. But, we know that a bowl of chips can be a great nibble and palate cleanser between all of the heady spices of our dishes. It can also be a great compromise for the more fussy eaters in your group (child or otherwise) that might not want to try some of the more flavoursome side dishes.

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