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26th May 2016

The Best Vegetarian Options

Dietary restrictions have become more and more common, whether medically enforced or morally, and it is important to us here at Spice Lounge that we cater to these restrictions. We want everyone to enjoy the wonder of Indian cuisine no matter what they can or cannot eat.
So, what options are there for those who either cannot eat meat or choose not to? There is a world of exciting choices, but here are a few delectable dishes to get you started!

Bhindi Bhaji

Okhra has become a highly sought after ingredient in recent years, it is tasty and fits in many curry dishes perfectly so it is easy to see why. We utilise this amazing ingredient in a mixture of tomato and spices that accentuate its natural flavour with the classic Indian twist. This is the best option for someone who wants something with no fuss; the flavours and ingredients all speak for themselves in this dish.

Paneer Khurchan

There is nothing better than cheese; even the heartiest of carnivorous diners can agree to this fact and as such it is the perfect substitute in any curry dish. Paneer is the substitute of choice for many, and in this dish we mix it with onions and peppers that are infused in mustard seeds and spices. It is pure mouth watering goodness and a hit with any cheese lover who tries it.

Punjabi Saag

Saag is an incredibly popular dish, spinach being a rich and filling ingredient that is perfect for any vegetarian diet. Our version mixes the fantastic spinach with wondrous mustard leaves, with the option to include paneer or potatoes, all combined in Punjabi spices for a truly authentic flavour explosion. It’s incredibly filling and will leave you satisfied. Like all of the previous options it can either be had as a main meal or a side dish.

Tandoori Aloo

Of course, you will also need a starter for your meal and the delectable Tandoori Aloo will not disappoint. It’s a fantastic start to any meal; rich stuffed potatoes, with a mixture of tingling spices and delectable fruit to add a sweet tang to the dish. They are absolutely packed with flavour and will have your dinner mates wanting some too. Dip them into the various accompaniments, from your chutney to your pickle, for an absolutely luxurious experience.

So, whether you’re just beginning your journey into vegetarianism or are a long-time adventurer there is no reason that you have to lose the spice in your life. Spend a night here at Spice Lounge and discover why the naysayers to vegetarian foods are so wrong, they’ve obviously never tried paneer before! Contact us today and book in for your very own night of scrumptious cuisine to fit your diet.