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9th June 2016

Kid-Friendly Indian Food

We love Indian food here in the UK – so much so, you’re sure to find an Indian restaurant wherever you go. We love to eat Indian at every occasion – with friends, family, a romantic date… Its versatility and wide range of vegetarian choices makes it everyone’s favourite. However, you might think that if you have young children they might not love it as much as you do.
Well, you might have already tried to give a piece of samosa to your six-year-old and a big ‘yuck!’ was the only thing you got in return… however, the battle is not lost! Many children find new flavours challenging – and Indian cuisine has many ingredients they are not used to – but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try it at all!
So take a look at some of our kid-friendly delicious dishes they’re sure to love!

Chicken Korma

If your child is unsure of meats like lamb, they’re more likely to enjoy chicken. Also, korma dishes are known for not being too spicy, so young palates will tolerate them better than a hot curry like a vindaloo or madras. The creamy sauce will be something the young ones will enjoy – as it will remind them to the consistency of yogurt and other similar foods they consume daily.

Boondi Raita

This is coated papad mixed with creamy yogurt. It might sound simple, but that is why kids will love it. Besides, it is always a good idea to give it to them as a side dish to use if their mouths get too hot from the korma. The plain yogurt will help them to balance the different flavours!

Dal Bukhara

Your children will love the creamy consistency of this soup that is very nutritious and made using lentils. It just has a few spices so they’ll be experimenting with new flavours without being discouraged because they’re too strong.


This is just basmati rice. If your kids are tired of trying more spicy dishes, this aromatic option will insure they are well feed – sometimes less is actually more. You can add a bit of naan bread to it and the dish will be completely exotic for the little ones.


This is another accompaniment that your children will like, especially because of its sweetness. Give them a few pieces of naan bread to dip in and they can start having fun!


Never forget what your children really love about having dinner outside… the dessert! Let them try one of the most traditional drinks, Lassi. This is a delicious yogurt based drink that is very popular not only in India but in many Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan. It’s slightly salty and can have the addition of different fruits, which gives a sweeter variation from the original.

Next time you treat yourself with delicious Indian food, don’t leave the children at home! Dinner time at Spice Lounge Kitchen can be an exciting adventure they will always remember. You can also take the chance to introduce them to this fascinating culture and, of course, let them eat with their hands if they want!
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