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3rd June 2016

The Best Indian Dishes for the Summer

When we think of summer dishes, we tend to picture cold, refreshing drinks and foods that keep us cool during the warm days. As temperatures rise, sitting down to a hot and spicy curry, while delicious, doesn’t seem right. Contrary to what you might think, however, stimulating the heat receptors in your mouth with chillies and spices can make you sweat which, in turn, will make you feel cooler! So, while your go-to tip to feel cooler during the summer might be a cup of masala chai with heaps of ice, it may not be the best solution.

Namkeen Sattu

If you love summer drinks and Indian flavours, the namkeen sattu is just what you need. This savoury drink is rich in herbs and spices and is made from roasted gram flour, which makes it tasty and nutritional. High in soluble fibre and protein, namkeen sattu is great for the digestive system, and because it has a low sugar content, it’s also great for diabetics. The spice content will activate your tastebuds and provide a refreshing alternative to your usual summer drink.

Vegetable Biryani

This classic biryani is consumed throughout India and is rich in spices and fresh vegetables. Potatoes are usually added to rice to make this tasty curry, although variations of this same dish are present in different regions and cultures of this subcontinent. Biryani also varies according to country, since it’s also traditionally consumed outside of India, in places like Burma, Iran and Indonesia.

Achari Paneer

Perfect for accompanying main meals, this colourful dish is a simple mixture of seeds, curds, flour and spices. With a visually attractive yellow capable of matching any hot day, achari paneer is a spicy curry that tastes like pickles. Should you prefer, this dish can also be consumed as a starter or appetiser, since it’s an incredibly versatile recipe.


A sweet dumpling, modak is popular in several regions, but especially in Maharashtra. It’s a dessert typically steamed and filled with coconut, jaggery and saffron, and the flour is a blend of rice or wheat with khava or maida flour. Ganesha, a Hindu god, is believed to favour modak above all foods, so many people cook them as an offering for the Ganesha worship ceremony.

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