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30th June 2016

The Best Tips for Eating Out with Children

Now you know the type of food that your children will enjoy here at Spice Lounge, all that’s left is the tips that will keep your blood pressure down during the meal. Planning ahead is the best strategy for a family meal.
Before heading out to a restaurant with your children there are a few things you should consider doing first:

Timing is Key

A late, busy, dinner service might not be the best time to bring a toddler out to dinner. It’s noisy, the food may take a little longer and it can be an overall very busy environment. A quieter time, therefore, is the best option for a peaceful family dinner. An earlier time such as 5 o’clock is perfect, you will avoid the crowds and can even stick to your regular bedtime for your little ones!

Practice at Home

A well-behaved child at your own dinner table is a good sign. It means the likeliness of them behaving in a restaurant is much higher; it also gives you a chance to work out what might upset them in a busier setting. Peas make them cry at home, don’t order them at the restaurant (you’re welcome kids!).

Bring Toys

A distraction can be an amazing tool in a restaurant setting. It can be just the thing to stave off a tantrum, cheer your child up or keep them from becoming too restless. So, bring your little one’s favourite toy or even a colouring book to keep them distracted between courses. The happier and more content they are, the more you will be also.

Engage Your Children

Talking over your children or generally excluding them from the conversation can be a recipe for disaster. They will feel ignored, in which case they may act out to draw some attention to them and not your lovely meal. Consider a restaurant trip to be a family date. Ask them questions about the restaurant, the food or even the decorations, and keep them engaged with the activity as a family.

Stay Calm

A little bit of rice flies off the table? Is your toddler using chutney for hair gel? No problem. The more worked up you get about your child’s behaviour, the more naughty or worked up they might become in order to match you. The calmer you are and the less of a reaction they get for acting out, the more likely they will be to match your calm.

So now you have the right food and the best tips to keep your children happy during, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying a night of delicious Indian food here at Spice Lounge Kitchen.

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