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13th July 2016

4 Indian Dishes For Those Who Don’t Like Spice

Spicy food isn’t for everyone. A lot of people miss out on mouth watering Indian food because they write it off as being “too spicy.” For those not familiar with Indian food, the menu can probably seem a little overwhelming.
Whilst a lot of dishes are heavy on the spice, there are plenty of mild options to choose from too. The following dishes are perfect for anyone new to Indian food AND those who want something more chill than chilli.


Korma is a dish that originated in South Asia. The word “korma” is derived from the Turkish word “kavurma” and means “cooked meat.” It’s a dish that can be traced right back to 16th century India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Traditionally it was made to be fiery, but in the UK, it’s a mildly spiced dish that is made with coconut milk. Chicken korma is the most popular dish but it can also be made with lamb and fish too.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is a popular dish that consists of chicken cooked in a mildly spiced sauce. The curry sauce includes butter, which is where the name comes from. The chicken is marinated in a cream mixture for several hours and then cooked in a tandoor. A butter chicken dish can contain a number of different spices, with the most popular ones being coriander, peppers, cumin and cloves.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka masala is a creamy curry dish that is easily identified by its distinctive orange colour. Its origins are unknown, with some people believing it originated in Glasgow, UK. It’s definitely one of the UK’s most popular Indian dishes. The dish is made by marinating chunks of chicken in spices and yogurt. It’s then banked in a tandoor and served in masala sauce. There is no specific recipe for the sauce but it most commonly includes tomatoes, paprika powder and coconut cream.


Often described as being the “king” of mild curries, the pasanda is a creamy dish that contains both almonds and coconut. It’s an extremely popular North Indian and Pakistani meat dish that was derived from a dish that they served in the Court of the Moghul Emperors. Originally made with marinated lamb, it is now made with both chicken and prawns too. The marinade it’s made in contains yogurt, chilli powder and garlic.

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