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21st August 2016

Is it hot enough?

When it comes to ordering Indian dishes, many people fall into the trap of thinking that they’re not getting an ‘authentic’ taste of India unless they go for something mouth-scorchingly spicy. While tongue-tingling, super-hot curries do of course have their place at an Indian feast, some of the most delicious items on the table are often those which have a far more subtle and delicate flavour.

Lowering the Temperature

Spicing is an art form which the best Indian chefs have mastered, and you don’t have to go for the hottest dish on the menu to enjoy the amazing flavours of Indian cuisine. Meats, such as chicken, have quite a delicate flavour in themselves, and pairing them with gentler spicing and creamier sauces often result in a much more pleasing combination. Rich coconut milk, cream or the gentle sweetness of nuts can help elevate the taste of chicken, while some lighter green vegetables retain their natural fresh flavour far better when you haven’t been too heavy handed with the chillies.

Among some of the most delicious, authentic Indian dishes are those which contain cubed, soft paneer cheese, such as Paneer Methi Mater Malai which is delicately seasoned with fragrant fenugreek and a creamy mater gravy, or Paneer Butter Masala with cashew nuts. Accompanying dishes such as stuffed dosas, samosas, rices and breads are almost always mild and light on spicing, as are a number of fish curry dishes which need to be delicate enough to preserve the flavour of the fish.

An Authentic Taste of India

Very spicy dishes can be an acquired taste, which is why the best Indian restaurants have a menu broad enough to cater for all tastes.

With our fusion of luxury Indian cuisine and tapas, Spice Lounge Kitchen has a diverse menu which allows you to sample the most authentic Indian dishes, whether you like them fantastically spicy or a little more subtle. We believe that judging the correct level of heat is a fine balancing act which our top chefs have fully mastered, bringing out the best in delicate dishes with the finest ingredients.

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