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5th October 2016

4 Great Indian Dishes for Autumn

Autumn is a transitional season. A time for renewal, change and the beginning of new things. It also means a change in the seasonal vegetables that are available to use in cooking, which traditionally has always effected the sort of food that is eaten in the opposing seasons.
So, what are the best dishes to try to keep you warm in the growing colder days of Autumn here in the warm atmosphere at Spice Lounge?

Aubergine & Potato Fritter

A North Indian dish, this spicy fritter is the perfect use for the seasonal vegetable of aubergine. Both potato and aubergine are great for soaking up flavour, so they are perfect in spice-filled dishes. They allow you to truly enjoy the depth of the flavour. It makes a fantastic starter or side dish to any meal. Either as an accompaniment to a more meat-filled affair, or as a vegetarian alternative to the more classic chicken pakora.

Tandoori Aloo

In need of some hearty comfort food? Then look no further than a delicious dish of tandoori aloo. The traditional tandoori spices include ginger, cumin, coriander, paprika, turmeric and cayenne pepper. Traditionally it is a spice mix created for food made in a clay oven, the tandoor, in northern Indian and Pakistani cooking. The combination of these traditional spices and potato is a delicious creation, popular among spice lovers due to its universal application to a number of dishes.

Butter Curry

One of the ultimate winter comfort foods that stars on every Indian menu worth its spice. This is a perfect dish for autumn; familiar, warming and hearty enough to combat the growing cold. Known as murgh makhani, this dish finds its roots in Punjabi cuisine and was developed for the milder curry lover. With a long margination process, the chicken is truly infused with the spices in this dish to create a succulent final dish that falls apart in the most appetising of ways.


Another tandoori spiced recipe, but this time with an impressive centrepiece. Instead of a simple chicken dish, the star of this curry is a whole leg of lamb. Slow-cooked for the utmost moisture and succulence. A traditional main component of many Indian dishes, alongside goat, this may not spring to mind immediately as a great autumn dish. But, the hearty nature of the meal and warm flavours make it the perfect filling dish for the turning seasons.

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