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8th November 2016

Top 3 Indian Dishes for Kids

Indian food is renowned throughout the world for its bold spices and combination of aromas that are unlike any other cuisine. While this is one of the reasons many people love Indian food, children may not feel as strongly.
While this can’t be applied to all children, most are peculiar when it comes to certain tastes, textures and ingredients, so taking your kids to an Indian restaurant for the first time can be daunting for them, especially given that most dishes are unfamiliar.

This means it’s always a good idea to know which ones are more ‘child-friendly’! Even if your kids are used to Indian cuisine, this allows them to experience Indian food in a whole different light.


Who doesn’t love samosas? These are deep-fried pastries with a spicy, savoury filling, which can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian – perfect for all tastes! Samosas are a staple not just in Indian restaurants, but in Indian households as well, and even though they first originated in the Middle East, they’re now incredibly popular in the subcontinent. Samosas can be mild if your child prefers, or spicier for more tolerant taste buds!


This aromatic rice dish is one of the most famous recipes in India – and outside the country. There are many different varieties of biryani, as it can be made from different spices, which means your child can choose the ones they like the best. With ingredients like mint, onions, saffron, cloves, pepper, garlic, and much, much more at their disposal, they can create their favourite biryani and ask for more!

Chana Masala

This chickpea curry is a North Indian dish that is popular with people from all ages. A spicy dish with a citrus note, chana masala is often served with coriander and onions and sold as a snack by many street vendors in India. Due to the way the vegetables end up disguised in the dish, as well as its delicious flavours, chana masala is an excellent choice for many children – even if they’re picky eaters!

Indian food might be well-known for its spices and flavours, but this doesn’t mean children won’t like it. On the contrary, many enjoy the unique flavour combinations of this cuisine, since they can’t really be found anywhere else, and the sheer diversity of ingredients mean that every dish can be tailored to a child’s personal taste.

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