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2nd December 2016

Christmas Gifts for the Curry Lover

The festive season is officially upon us. Christmas television adverts are abound, the turkeys are going on sale and people are beginning their present shopping. However, some people are easier to shop for than others. You can end up wandering the shops for days for that particularly difficult relative. But, there is one thing you know they love above all else…
So, what should be your gift of choice for the avid curry-lover in your family?

Recipe Book

What do curry lover’s like more than a good curry? Even more good curry, home-made and a testament to their love of the dish. If you love something, then trying your hand at making it is always a fun thing to do. If you are hoping to spend more time with your loved one this is also a great option; a few hours full of laughter and mishaps, followed by a tasty meal is a great bonding experience.
Of course, if it all goes wrong the Spice Lounge is always willing to book you a table to make up for it.

Spice Rack

Does your gift-receiver always order the hottest dish on the menu? Or are they just always keen to add that extra herb to give a dish a touch more flavour? Then, help them organise their kitchen this Christmas with a spice rack (or two). They are a great addition to any modern kitchen, helping to create a sleek aesthetic as well as making the kitchen look lived in and homely.


One thing a rabid curry lover usually has a taste for? The addictive heat of chilies! From scotch bonnets to jalapeño, there is a wide breadth of chilies to be explored around the world. You could purchase a selection for your loved one, or even just the seeds. Cultivating and growing your own chilies is infinitely satisfying if you have a love for curry. Finally creating a batch that adds that extra kick to a dish, creating a homemade chilli sauce or even giving them away as presents. Chilli is the gift that keeps on giving, so start today!

A Dining Experience

It goes without saying, but nothing would please a lover of curry than a voucher for an amazing dining experience. Ordering their favourite dish, trying something new for the first time or introducing a new friend to the love of curry. The wonder and excitement are endless, resulting in the perfect gift for both experienced curry lovers and those just starting out!

Simply contact us here at Spice Lounge to book a table for the lucky recipient of this amazing voucher!