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19th January 2017

Indian for the Vegetarian!

It takes many people by surprise that a high percentage of Indians – around 31% – are in fact, vegetarians. This means that there are a wealth of amazing foods that have developed for the vegetarian diner as a result. An option which is especially important in the face of the various dietary needs that people adhere to.

So, what options are there for the vegetarian hoping to set their teeth into a curry or two?

Tandoori Aloo

This is a dish that mixes the classical flavours of a tandoori dish, the yoghurt and spices that are typically prepared in a tandoor (from which this dish gains its name). It’s a popular dish in Britain, typically accompanied by chicken, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! The mix of flavours and potatoes is tantalising. The fluffy texture of potato soaking in the rich sauce for a flavour explosion once it reaches your mouth. Dried fruit is added to give an added level of sweetness to balance the spice, creating an all-around delightful dish.

Dal Panchnil

This is a dish that is very popular in India, a mixture of five different kinds of yellow lentils that are cooked in a fantastic fusion of spices. ‘Panchratna’ translates to five jewels, which signifies this as a special dish that is typically served at occasions of note. Lentils are an integral component of Indian cuisine and bursting with flavour – making this a must-eat!

Bhindi Bhaji

A Bhaji is typically a vegetable side dish, served in a fairly dry fashion without much of a sauce. In this dish okhra is cooked with tomato and variety of spices, creating that classic Indian dish which makes a delicious accompaniment or main meal.

Paneer Butter Masala

This is the perfect dish for the newly converted vegetarian and one that is especially popular in North India, especially if you find yourself craving the delicious flavours of the best-loved curry in the UK. It is made by first creating a rich tomato and cashew nut base, which is usually blended to a fine sauce. This allows the star of the dish, the rich cubes of paneer, to truly stand out. It is the perfect alternative for those that love Butter Chicken!

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