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4th January 2017

New Year, New Curry

Another year, another host of amazing curries that have been consumed. In 2017 we know you will be wanting to explore a new host of amazing food and experiences, curry being at the top of this agenda! To start it may be a good idea to choose a few new curries to try in order to make this happen. After all, you’re more likely to fulfil a resolution if you plan it!

So, what amazingly delicious curries should you be trying in the New Year?

Kadai Chicken

This dish is a perfect start to the New Year and the beginning of your curry exploration. Kadai is a curry that derives its name from the pot that it is cooked in. A pan that is much like a wok, however, it has higher sides and is traditional cookware found in traditionally in North India.

Traditional spices in this dish include cumin, garam masala mix and plenty of red chillies. It’s a dish that is full of flavour and a hearty start to the New Year, perfect for the colder winter weather.

Lucknow Curry

One of the most famous dishes of the Lucknow area of India – from where it gains its name – this is a delicious dish which highlights the amazing flavours of the region.

It is made with a mouth-watering mix of roasted spices and Awadi gravy. These spices include turmeric powder, sesame, cinnamon, cloves, and peppercorns. It is a burst of flavour with every mouth full.

Laal Mass

The best way to make 2017 a special year? Dine on the food of royalty, of course. Laal Mass is a dish that traditionally has been served in the region of Rajasthan as the perfect royal curry. It was commonly made with mutton or game meat – at Spice Lounge we use lamb – and involved heavy use of red chilli in order to help enhance the flavour of the meat.

The spicy tones of this dish have remained, creating a hot dish with added yoghurt to help mellow out the most intense heat of the Laal. It is a famous dish in India, but a little less known here in the UK so perfect for your curry adventure!

Are you excited for the variety of curries that you will be trying in the New Year? Looking for a top-quality curry house in Edinburgh to house this exploration? Contact us!