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2nd May 2017

Best Indian Desserts for Spring

India is known for its vibrant culture and its intrinsic tastes in herbs and spices through the food. Particularly in the eastern areas of the country, they are also renowned for their sweets. The tropical climate provides an array of sugary sweet flavours that bring desserts to life. From sweet creamy rice pudding, royal treats to cooling Lassi’s, here are 5 of our favourite refreshing spring desserts.


This perfect Indian sweet is made from strained yoghurt, and is a main dessert in Maharashtrian cuisine. Usually combined with saffron and a crumble of pistachios, this dish is simple to make but also a stunning dessert to indulge in. In Maharashtrian homes, this dish is made by blending and sieving hang curd through a juice strainer and adding various flavours and different toppings. The hung yoghurt is a blank canvas to add fruits, nuts or whatever you fancy.

Mango Kulfi

This is the ideal dessert for warmer weather. Spring and Summer is sure to welcome the refreshing and fruity tastes of Mango Kulfi. It is a frozen milk based dessert, like an ice-cream, although texture and taste differs, as kulfi is dense; you could bite into if you wanted. Kulfi can come in a wide variety of different flavours, although more traditional Indian flavours are cream (malai), rose, mango, cardamom (elaichi), saffron, and pistachio.


This delightful dessert is a rice pudding, originating from the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent. It is made by boiling rice, wheat, tapioca or vermicelli with milk and sugar. Such as Shrikhand, this blank canvas can be made as fruity and flavoursome as you please. It is usually flavoured traditionally with raisons, saffron, cardamom and nuts such as cashews, pistachios or almonds.

Gajar Ka Halwa/Carrot Pudding

This Indian carrot pudding, or Gajar ka halwa is mainly associated with north India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Made from grated carrot, with water, milk and sugar, this pudding is certainly a treat. We all know how good carrot cake is; well this sweet treat is a scrumptious worldwide delicacy. Like many Indian desserts, nuts and other items are usually added, and sautéed in ghee. Eaten either hot or cold, as well as being scrumptious, this dish is nutritious, with less fat than many other Indian desserts.


You may have heard of this one; it’s an extremely popular yoghurt based drink dessert made from a blend of yoghurt, water spices and fruit. You can have savoury lassi, but a sweet lassi represents itself as the perfect thirst quenching- refreshing drink dessert. In certain Dharmic regions, honey is used as well as being topped with a thin layer of clotted cream. The sweet versions vary from lemon, to strawberry, rosewater and mango.

At Spice Lounge in Edinburgh, we have a range of delicious desserts sink your teeth into. From fruity lassis to Gajar Ka Halwa, we have traditional Indian desserts as well as other surprises.  You can look at our dessert menu online, or get in touch to book a table. The desserts are waiting for you.