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19th June 2017

5 Foods To Try If You’re New To Indian Cuisine

Trying a new cuisine for the first time can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, and with so many different types of foods to choose from, where can you even begin? Every country is renowned for certain types of food – here is a list of 5 dishes you need to try if you’re a beginner to Indian food.


Samosa’s are a common side to pair with Indian cuisine. These are crispy pastries filled with vegetables or meat, most commonly in the shape of triangles. While these seem small, they make the perfect snacks, and are filled with flavour. Samosas come in various forms and fillings – there’s nothing like that first bite of a freshly made samosa.


Naan bread is also a common pairing with Indian cuisine as no Indian food is complete without naan. Naan is a sort of flat-bread with a light, fluffy texture which is baked in a clay oven. There are so many different flavours, from garlic to keema, if you love bread, you can guarantee you’ll love naan.


If you like vegetable tempura or fried okra, or any other iteration of fried vegetables for that matter, you’ll be a fan of pakora. Although pakora can have chicken inside, it’s battered vegetables you’ll find most often. Eggplant, potato, onion, spinach, and cauliflower are standard ingredients of Pakora.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is another popular dish and one a beginner should try at some point. The bright reddish-orange colour of the chicken comes from that blend of turmeric, cayenne pepper, chilli powder and paprika. It’s rare to find the tandoori chicken very spicy, instead it’s generally savoury with a hint of smoky sweetness from the paprika.

Chicken Korma

Both chicken korma and butter chicken are popular choices and among one of the most approachable Indian dishes due to their creamy concoctions in which chicken is braised in a sauce made with butter, coconut milk, cream, or yoghurt. With korma, the sauce is slightly sweet, nutty, and smoky from cumin and other spices.

If you’re new to Indian cuisine, here at Spice Lounge Kitchen, we offer the full experience of delicious Indian food for you to try. Get in touch with a member of our team to book your table today!