Spice Lounge Kitchen | Enjoying Indian Food on a Diet
24th July 2017

Enjoying Indian Food on a Diet

There is nothing quite like going out to enjoy a meal with your friends and family. But when you’re dieting or trying to eat a little healthier, it can be hard to find something that you will enjoy and will allow you to have a guilt-free evening. At Spice Lounge Kitchen, there is so much to choose from, you’ll be able to find something on our menu that tempts your taste buds!

Starters & Appetisers

If you love to get stuck into appetisers before your main, you may be better off with poppadoms rather than heavier starters like samosas and bhajis. You can even dip your poppadoms into the tasty raita, but it’s best to avoid the sweeter mango chutney.

Main Course

When it comes to the curry, avoid the creamier sauces as these tend to be higher in calories. Our servers will be happy to help you navigate our menu, but as a general rule, you’ll be better off choosing vegetable, chicken or fish based curries and sticking to curries such as tandoori, tikka or bhuna as they don’t contain as much cream as other dishes.

As an accompaniment, you can pick the boiled rice which is a particularly good option when you’re watching your waistline.

If you want to have an even lighter main meal, we also have a salad bar, so you can choose a salad with a little bit of an Indian twist!


Of course, you could choose water for a low-calorie drink, but while you’re dining out, you might want something a little more exciting to accompany your meal! In terms of alcohol, wine and beers tend to be most heavy in calorie content, so you might want to swap your glass of red for a G+T. Spirits tend to be lower in calorie content, and if you can pair them up with a diet fizzy drink, you’ll be doing even better!

You needn’t miss out on dining out when you’re watching your waistline, so why not visit Spice Lounge Kitchen? We will be more than happy to help you pick the best dish from our varied menu. To book a table, you can make an online reservation here or give us a call on 0131 476 9999.

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