Spice Lounge Kitchen | Top 5 Side Dishes To Have With Your Curry
9th August 2017

4 Indian Vegan Dishes

Indian cuisine is a highly diverse one, catering to many people’s tastes. Whether you’re a lover of meat, spices, a vegetarian, or even vegan, there is a dish available for you. This fantastic range of foods (and the variety and richness of flavours) are what keeps Indian cuisine a popular choice for many all over the world. Some of our dishes contains yoghurt so they cater for vegetarians also.

You may be surprised that Indian cuisine caters for vegans and has many delicious recipes for anyone who chooses to avoid animal products in any way. SO, to further your knowledge, here are four vegan dishes we offer at Spice Lounge Kitchen.

Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi, directly translated, means ‘potato cauliflower’, and that is exactly how to describe this dish. It is filled with so much flavour it leaves you wanting more. Our Aloo Gobi Masala contains potato and cauliflower which are cooked with onion tomato and yoghurt based gravy. Added with the popular spice cumin, the taste is tantalising.

Vegetable Biryani

The Vegetable Biryani is the Indian equivalent of veggie fried rice, and it isn’t only filled with immense flavour, it is also healthy for you too! Our Shahi Vegetable Biryani is cooked with garden fresh mixed vegetables with yoghurt, brown onions, mace, and basmati rice. This quality dish is famous all over Southern Asia, and is just waiting to be tasted!

Masala Dosa

South Indian cuisine is very famous throughout India, and this dish is no exception. Without frying with butter, the Masala Dosa is a completely vegan dish that can also be found in many parts of Southeast Asia. The Masala Dosa is a thin, crispy, savoury pancake made from fermented rice.

Our stuffed dosa with potatoes and mix vegetables are blended with our infusion of spices, in particular curry leaves, mustard seeds, tamarind, jagry, and coconut rice, each offering a mouth-watering sensation with every bite.


Pakoras are the perfect vegan snack, as they are small, bite-sized morsels of spiced bread and mixed vegetables which are also eggless! There are many different variations of pakoras, but the vegan option is healthy and delicious. Our pakoras are available through our Vegetable Platter which can be found within the starter section of our menu. Our platter comes with samosa, corn fritters, pakora, and harabhara kebab.

If you find yourself wanting to try these dishes, all are available at our restaurant in Edinburgh, offering you the full experience of delicious Indian food. Get in touch with a friendly member of our team or go online and book your table today!