Spice Lounge Kitchen | Top 5 Side Dishes To Have With Your Curry
14th September 2017

3 Great Indian Dishes You Should Try

With its rich, warm aromas and foods which somehow perfectly combine sweetness with salt, it’s no wonder Indian cuisine includes some of the most popular dishes in the world, whether you’re cooking at home, or eating out. Many people try a few Indian dishes and are so delighted that they stick to what they’ve enjoyed without ever trying anything new! But with so much to try from a culture bursting with flavour, it seems a shame to miss out on some of the most delicious foods Indian cuisine has to offer. For our pick of some of the best Indian dishes you need to try, read on below.

Beef Roast and Porotta

This dish hails from Kerala, a Southern Indian state. The cubed beef is cooked in a thick tomato and onion gravy which is delicious when served with porotta – a soft layered bread. This rich, warming dish is perfect at lunch, as long as you can have a nap after, or if it is served as a main evening meal.

Lamb Rogan Josh

This might feel for some like a familiar Indian dish, but if you’ve never tried it, you must. The lamb cut is often shank or shoulder, and is cooked slowly with kashmir chilli (an ingredient named after the place the dish hails from) in a thick gravy, so that the lamb falls off the bone, and when cooked right feels as though it is melting in your mouth. Traditionally this dish would be served with saffron flavoured rice, or you could opt for chapati or a naan bread.

Macher Jhol

This Bengali dish is heaven for people who don’t eat meat, or even those who do but love fish! The fish is tempered in mustard and cumin seeds, which bring out a beautiful blended flavour from white fish. The dish boasts a tangy, tomato based gravy and a flavour which is often new, but always totally delicious to fish lovers. Thanks to the variety of flavours in the dish it works great simply paired with some steamed rice.

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