Spice Lounge Kitchen | Top 5 Side Dishes To Have With Your Curry
22nd September 2017

The Best Wine to Have with Curry


When heading out for a meal, a lot of people concentrate on the food but, of course, the perfect accompanying drink can be just as important. Pairing curry with wine can be difficult but, when you get it right, it’s the ultimate combination for a truly delicious meal. It’s often thought that white wines typically go better with curry, but many people don’t realise that there are plenty of options to ensure you find your ideal match.

Take a look below for some ideas.

An Off-Dry Riesling

An ideal choice with chicken, fish and vegetable curries, the refreshing spritz of sweetness offered by Riesling perfectly complements the warmth of the Asian spices. Austrian, Australian, German and New Zealand Rieslings work a treat.

A Fruity Rosé

Cleanse your palate with a strong, fruity rosé. The sweetness of this wine works really well with hotter curries, but you’ll want one that’s nice and strong. Recommended is a Rosé from Portugal, Spain or South America.

A Stunning Chardonnay

That’s right! Chardonnay, and other dry, rich whites, can be the perfect option to complement mild creamy or buttery curries. Fruity and floral flavours work especially well, particularly with chicken dishes.

A Fruity Red

Yes, red wine can work too. Low-tannin reds are great with mild, tomato-based curries and the lightly spiced flavours and juiciness of Grenache are lovely with the fragrant spices.

A Refreshing Glass of Champagne

If a splash of luxury isn’t out of the question, then champagne is a highly recommended choice; it’s a classic combination after all! In direct contrast to the heat of the curry, Champagne should be served ice cold and the acidity, blended with off-dry fizz, makes this a particularly tasty mix.

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