Spice Lounge Kitchen | Top 5 Side Dishes To Have With Your Curry
23rd October 2017

Origins of the Much-Loved Korma

The Korma continues to be an incredibly popular choice for many in the UK, due to its abundance of flavour and comparatively mild level of spice. Compared to many other curries available in India and Bangladesh, the Korma is incredibly mild, but in the UK, spice is less commonly found in all meals and not everyone can handle the power of a Dal, for example.

To help you better understand and appreciate your next Korma, here is a brief outline of its history and how it is normally served.

Origins of the Korma

The origins of the Korma stretch back to the 16th century when it formed a key part of Mughlai cuisine. Today, we associate the Korma with Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, which is because the Mughal Empire came to rule over these areas towards the end of their reign, and today we associate this region with those three countries.

Variations of the Korma

There is no set recipe for a Korma; in fact, many different countries have their own variations on the more traditional Korma. Originally, the Korma was defined as a dish of meat or vegetables which have been allowed to braise with stock and water.

Afterwards, yoghurt or cream is added to give it the fuller texture. In the UK, the most common variation on the Korma includes using coconut or coconut milk in the recipe. Typical spices used include coriander and cumin and, just like many Indian curries, the meat and sauce should be cooked very slowly over a low heat for several hours.

A Stunning Chardonnay

That’s right! Chardonnay, and other dry, rich whites, can be the perfect option to complement mild creamy or buttery curries. Fruity and floral flavours work especially well, particularly with chicken dishes.

Where Will You Get Your Next Korma?

Enjoying a well-made, traditional Korma means finding someone who has years of experiencing understanding Indian cuisine and who knows how the flavours best marinate together over a long period of time. Spice Lounge Kitchen is a high quality Indian restaurant in Edinburgh which seeks to bring the wonderful traditional flours of a Korma all the way from India, so that they can be enjoyed by local residents.

No matter your tolerance for spice, we can cook you a unique Korma dish that is guaranteed to have you coming back for more, so get in touch to book your table today!