Spice Lounge Kitchen | How Curry Cuisine is Good for Your Mental Health
3rd January 2018

How Curry Cuisine is Good for Your Mental Health

You don’t need an excuse to treat yourself to a curry when the mood strikes. In case you’re looking for one, you should know that the popular cuisine can go some length to improving your mental health.


This is certainly something to consider next time that you make your way to an Indian restaurant in Edinburgh. Here are three ways that a night out enjoying your favourite dish can be good for your frame of mind.


The average curry will likely contain both garlic and some form of vegetable – two things that are proven to boost your immune system and wade off illness. However, you may be less aware of the impact that other ingredients can have. For instance, chilli peppers – which are used to add a spicy kick to the dishes – are full of capsaicin.


This component causes your body to release endorphins, which make you happy. In addition, curcumin (the compound found in turmeric) has been found to prevent fear memories from being stored in the mind.


There’s a strong emphasis on sharing when it comes to Indian cuisine. This is best seen with the starters and sundries, which are often placed in the middle of the table for people to share as they please. While you might think this is just for practicality purposes, the social aspect of sharing food can lead to increased conversation and heightened feelings of inclusion. These two things alone contribute to fighting off feelings of depression that come from a lack of human interaction.


Cooking can be stressful. This is because the task can quickly descend into chaos if not timed correctly or if you take your eye off the ball. Fortunately, there’s little likelihood of succumbing to any form of stress when you sit down to dine at an Indian restaurant. Instead, you can relax while all the food is made for you.

Indian Food Awaits!

You can now enjoy your next curry knowing that it’s not just delicious, but also good for your mental health.

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