Spice Lounge Kitchen | 3 Reasons an Indian Restaurant Is Perfect For First Dates
22nd March 2018

3 Reasons an Indian Restaurant Is Perfect For First Dates

You never quite know whether a first date will be a hit or a miss. This can make one quite tense – especially if you’ve not given some thought to where you want to go. The question is: where’s the best place to take that special someone when you’re keen for romance to blossom?

The answer is an Indian restaurant. Here are three reasons why you can’t go wrong with heading for a curry together.


Everyone dreads those moments when the conversation runs dry and things turn awkward on a first date. However, this is less likely to happen when you’re dining at an Indian restaurant because the dishes call for a certain level of interaction. For instance, sundries are generally shared. This means that you can easily break the silence as you divide up the rice, naan breads and starters.


You can learn a lot about a person just from what curry they choose. Are they the type of person who’s so fearless that they’ll tackle a vindaloo? Perhaps they’re more traditional and old fashioned, so lean towards something like a chicken tikka masala. Either way you can get some helpful insight into your date’s personality just by what they order, which can then help you take things to the next step.


It’s nice to splash the cash – but it’s not necessary. After all, why break the bank when you can both tuck into an affordable multi-course meal at an Indian restaurant? This should mean that you’re capable of paying for the whole bill at the end of the date or that it’s realistic for you both to split it. In addition, even if the romance fizzles out you can at least be happy that you get to enjoy a tasty cuisine without forking out too much money.

First date heaven

Love is in the air – and so is the smell of spices if you play your cards right! If you’re eager to make a great first impression and lock down a relationship, be sure to whisk that special someone to Spice Lounge Kitchen.

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