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Indian Dessert

2nd March 2016

Essential Spices in Indian Cuisine

Spices are not just important in Indian cuisine, they’re vital to creating bright and zesty dishes. Without them, food wouldn’t be the same.
10th February 2016

How to Have the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Here at Spice Lounge Kitchen, we know how important it is to have the perfect Valentine’s Day, and we want to help you have a great date!
8th February 2016

Valentine’s Day

Join us this Valentine's Day to enjoy our taste-bud-tingling food guaranteed to spice up your Valentine's Day! Book your table now!
5th February 2016

Six Nations Special

Join us this Saturday to cheer on Scotland whilst enjoying one of our amazing deals!
2nd February 2016

A Guide to Traditional Indian Desserts: Part 1

Spicy, savoury recipes are the dishes usually associated with Indian cuisine, but the desserts aren’t as widely acknowledged.